"Sowing seeds of hope in our Venezuelan brothers"

Answering the call of the State Department of Puerto Rico and joining the plea of the new Constitutional President of Venezuela Juan Guaido (internationally recognised by the majority of countries worldwide as legitimate President), we America Developing Smiles (ADS) and our friends join in the task of gathering critical supplies to mitigate the humanitarian crisis currently pressing in Venezuela.

In this case,we support the activation of this international support mechanism and join the line of work that is currently being undertaken by the White House, other nations, Venezuela’s people, other non-profits, NGOs, the Puerto Rican private sector, and humanitarian programs outside Venezuela.

We ask for your cooperation in this emergency situation with the following donations:

Canned foods/non-perishables



Hand sanitizer

Water filters

Baby formula

Diapers (infants and adults)

Powdered milk or UHT milk

Baby wipes

Dermatitis relief cream

Menstrual pads



Toilet paper

Body soap


For donations please contact, 787-6039477 or Click Here