It takes so little to make a positive change in the life of a child in need in Puerto Rico! You can also be part of the work of America Developing Smiles of Puerto Rico with an economic contribution or with hours of your time by participating in our Volunteer Program

Your financial contribution can be channeled as a student scholarship where you can contribute ¼ of an educational scholarship for $250 a year, half scholarship for $500 and a scholarship for $1000. Although this money does not cover the total educational costs that are close to $2000 per child per year, your contribution will impact significantly.

Since the organization is run by volunteers it does not have administrative expenses, hence 100% of your contribution goes directly to the programs and areas of focus of our work. Moreover, your contributions to America Developing Smiles are deductible 100% of the payroll. KNOW MORE.

See list of organizations we support here.

Provide an online donation, 100% safe and now 100% deductible from your return.

How to Donate

• Online Donations

You can donate using your credit card. Access here.




Donations in Branch

You can make your donation at your nearest Banco Popular branch

Account # 152-121285