America Developing Smiles

de Puerto Rico

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Ave. Eduardo Conde #2273 San Juan PR, 00915

PH. (787) 726-6081/(787) 727-6497

Principal y Contact:

Sor Magna Martínez

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Preschool and Elementary up to 6th Grade
After-School Day Programs


Founded in 1961, Colegio Maria Auxiliadora provides preschool and primary education to more than 300 children. The organization is dedicated to the well being of children and young people of lesser resources, at high risk and vulnerability in the local area, through the educational method “Preventive System of San Juan Bosco”, which aims to promote the integral upbringing of the child throughout its development.

The Maria Auxiliadora School in Villa Palmeras-Barrio Obrero was chosen as the first pilot school beneficiary of the scholarship program for children of America Developing Smiles, called Godfather of Smiles. The Godfather of Smiles program channeled contributors and committed them to cover the total or partial costs of a child's school enrollment through an annual school scholarship.

During 2010, the Salesian Educational System of Puerto Rico consolidated the Colegio Maria Auxiliadora, San Juan Bosco and Santo Domingo Savio, creating a new educational institution responsible for the educational level and management of the three centers.

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Impact of America Developing Smiles of Puerto Rico
The association impacts about 600 children per year economic donations and extracurricular training.